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Skynet Terminals Inc. is a warehouse 33000sqft big of which 7500sqft are custom bonded [sufferance warehouse].

At our warehouse we pick and pack small freight for customers and store the goods on racks but the bulk of the business is to load and unload heavy duty freight [containers, flat racks, generators, transformers, pipes........].

We have over 20 years experience handling this sorts of work. We have a variety of forklifts [from 4500 lbs to 20.000lbs] ranging from electric Raymond stand on to forklift with clamps, split sheets, forks 4' long to 10' long. We have also purchased Link Belt crane capable of lifting up to 82 tons. This machine allow us to perform any kind of work lifting loading containers loading flat racks for export, transferring loads of pipes on flat deck...... the crane is fixed in the yard and only used for Skynet business and its customers.

Skynet also owned its trucking company Western Truck & Trailer repairs Ltd. WTTTR runs in town flat deck, step deck, vans or containers but also runs the highway as far as Toronto and Montreal and all of BC. Our sister company MDWExpress picks up and delivers containers at Port Metro Vancouver.

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