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Air Freight
Includes International Air Import/Export and Domestic Air
• International, Transborder & Domestic Air
• Import and Export including Consolidation Services
• Airport to Airport and Door to Door including Overseas Customs Clearance.
• Project Cargo & Charter Services.
• Time Sensitive / Expedited / Regular & Deferred services
• Personal Effects Specialists
• COD / Prepaid / Collect / 3rd Party Invoicing

Our multi-client warehousing services allow you to focus on your core business while we manage the flow of materials for you, as well as other clients, in a single facility. In this configuration, the costs of space, labor and equipment are SHARE.

Leveraging the cost of space and services
Our clients benefit by only paying for the amount of space, labor and equipment they use, with access to additional resources as their business requirements fluctuate. The net effect is lower overall cost and increased flexibility.

Additional value
Now space, labor and equipment are more flexible than ever. Incorporating multi-client warehousing into a total contract logistics solution from Skynet means cost savings that go straight to your bottom line. Couple that with Skynet added emphasis on quality, supported by our compliance with ISO standards, and you can be assured our dedicated team of professionals to manage the process efficiently and cost-effectively every step of the way.

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